Our Story

The Creation

After experiencing many years of different networking and referral groups and seeing the need for a more user friendly system, we set out to create the BCRG Accountable Referral App System.

Deliving Quality Referrals

BCRG prides itself on delivering a system that allows its members to educate fellow members on spotting quality referrals for all businesses throughout the group.

Suitable Meetings

BCRG meetings are set on a fortnightly bases which is more suitable to a busy business persons lifestyle. These meeting include working together to promote and strategize with other members within the group.

Our Goals

To create networking groups that members pass and receive high volumes of business between each other. Our focus is to provide a platform for strong long term business relationship to build for years to come.

Our Story

BCRG is the new and exciting instant group referral systems. We have adapted new technology to create our own exclusive App, which allows referrals to be sent and received instantly. No more passing bits of paper, high upfront costs, or stuck in 12 month membership.
All referrals are retained in the App so you can access them at any time, with a guaranteed return on your investment.

  • Business Chamber Groups 80% 80%
  • The passing and receiving of quality referrals. 60% 60%
  • Membership Benefits 95% 95%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%